Christmas Goodies

So, I have the plague. No, I haven't been to the doctor or anything. But trust me, I know. It's the plague. You know whats not cool? Having the plague. I highly recommend against it. Today at work I challenged nearly every male I saw to a contest to see who had a lower voice. Nobody accepted the challenge. Clearly, it was because they knew I'd win. 

 I'm supposed to be teaching my Adult English as a Second Language class tonight. Instead I'm at home. Not spreading the plague. I don't have any TVs set up at my new house yet. None of my friends want to come entertain me, seeing as how I have the plague and all. L-train is out manning the cookie train, delivering some of the super cute cookie trays my mom and I made this weekend since I can't. Because I have the plague. So, here I am alone. With the plague. And my newly discovered Adult ADD. 

Anyway, back to the cookie trays. Check em out: 

 Super cute, right? I told you.  My mom was all sorts of concerned that you'd judge her because she still has her Thanksgiving tablecloth on the table.  So, no judging, okay?

I used mostly recipes from my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies posts. Plus I tried some pretty awesome fudge and truffle recipes and all of them came out delicious! I'll share them with y'all sometime. Maybe after the plague passes. Or maybe I'll save them for next Christmas season. Who knows. 

 So, I'm off to my very own 48 Hours Mystery marathon.  Because nothing says 'tis the season like a real life murder mystery marathon.


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